M. Metsarents School

Laboratory Equipment for M. Metsarents school: One-time project

October 8, 2021
0031 Yerevan, Yerevan

Equipping basic school No. 146 after Misak Metsarents in Yerevan with modern laboratory equipment and anatomical models. 

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Tatev Bagramyan

Tatev Bagramyan



In October 2021, “Ognenq” Armenian charitable online platform launched a one-time exclusive initiative with the help of "YFA" NGO, within the framework of which the basic school No.146 after Misak Metsarents in Yerevan was equipped with modern laboratory equipment and anatomical models.

The models obtained as a result of the cooperation are now displayed in the classrooms of the basic school after M. Metsarents and will give an opportunity to the students who are particularly interested in natural sciences to acquire empirical skills in addition to theoretical knowledge. 

The organizers of the project, are full of hope that this initiative will be a stimulus for young people to be more interested in subjects related to science, as well as motivate them to directly participate in the changes that occur in the field of science. Some of the models provided to the school include; human skeleton, respiratory system, heart, liver, skull, and other models, animal skeleton models, as well as samples of artificial flowers and plants necessary for botanical research.

This unique project, mobilizing the efforts and resources of Armenians around the world, aims to further strengthen the ties between Armenia and the Diaspora.

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