Furniture and other supplies for Nelly's family (Artsakh refugees)

July 16, 2024
0015 Yerevan, Yerevan

Meet Nelly. 

During the war, Nelly, her mother and older sister burned down their house in Artsakh, left all their belongings behind, and found refuge in Dilijan, Armenia.

Now little Nelly and her mother are in extremely difficult social conditions, living in a small apartment provided by neighbors, where their living and housing conditions are extremely poor.

A group of kind people accidentally met Nelly on their way to Aghavanavank. She was sitting on the ground selling her paintings and candles. According to the mother, the children are already provided with clothes and food thanks to the efforts and the financial support of groups of citizens. However, the apartment does not have proper beds, closets/drawers, and they warm up by burning wood in winter as there is no heating system.

After talking to Nelly’s mother, Margarita, we came up with a list of all items and equipment to help alleviate some of the family's social situation, to help the family return to normal life as soon as possible, which was disrupted as a result of the war in 2020.

We need your help to raise only $ 1,000. All proceeds will be used to purchase the required furniture, kitchen and household appliances, a heater, as well as school supplies for Nelly.

Let’s join our efforts, change the future of this wonderful family and try to alleviate their difficult post-war living conditions.

Detailed price list and products will be displayed on YFA's Website and Social media accounts.

The necessary list of items is presented below.

  • School Supplies (Copybooks, calculators, stationary, etc.)- 80$
  • Furniture (Kitchen furniture and appliances, beds, drawers, cutlery, etc.) - 920$

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Andranik Martirosyan

Andranik Martirosyan



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