Andranik Martirosyan

Sports Equipment for Voskevan Strength School

May 30, 2024
0015 Yerevan, Yerevan

The fundraising is aimed at providing the sports school of the border village of Voskevan, Tavush region, with necessary sports equipment.  

A school of strength sports is being established in the border village of Voskevan, Tavush region. However, the school needs extra financial support to renovate all the school rooms and provide them with the necessary equipment. For this purpose, "Tavush" International Compatriotic Union "NGO" and "You For Armenia" charitable non-governmental organization signed a memorandum of cooperation on September 27, by which the latter undertakes and expresses readiness to support the establishment of a sports school in Voskevan and organize fundraising efforts to provide them with sports equipment and support in other projects, when necessary. 

There are about 30 young people living in Voskevan, who are willing to do strength sports, and in case of getting the necessary physical training, they are sure to achieve great success in sports. In addition, the favorable geographical location of Voskevan village (the latter is located in the center of Baghanis, Koti, Barekamavan, Jujevan, and Voskepar villages) will contribute to the involvement of athletes from neighboring villages. Our goal is to promote the development and popularization of sports in these villages bordering Azerbaijan.

The initial list of sports equipment is as follows: Barbell 20 kg, Barbell 10 kg, Weights 50 kg, Weights 25 kg, Weights 20 kg, Weights 15 kg, Weights 10 kg, Weights 5 kg, Weights 2.5 kg, Clamps 20 kg, Clamps 10, Clamps 10, Dumb-bell 15 kg, Bench press for lying position, Equipment for squats, Rubber floor tile, Pommel horse, Wall bars, Horizontal bar, and a complex of other exercise equipment. 

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Andranik Martirosyan

Andranik Martirosyan



Our goal is to promote the development and popularization of sports in the border village of Voskevan and adjacent communities. These villages of Tavush region are adjacent to Azerbaijan and for many years no major projects have been implemented to promote the development of these communities.

As a result of this collaboration;

  • A new school will be created and renovated in the community, equipped with all the necessary sports equipment.
  • A number of sports events will be held in the community.


  • The project will contribute to the development of sports in Armenia.
  • The project will help to foster community life in the villages immediately bordering Azerbaijan.

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64 26 Oct, 2021 $10 Vote
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